We at VEEBOOKS Publishing are happy to have you at our humble quarters. 

True. There is plenty of choice in the world of word. Big and tiny, deep and silly,
niche and... not so niche. Still, we are hopeful that our carefully crafted
selection will genuinely stand out from the pack and help you stay with us
for the long haul. 

VEEBOOKS Publishing emerged with a simple concept - the original Veebook,
which brought a uniquely visual approach to music interpretation and guitar
coaching. From there, our interests grew to several other aspects of learning,
including psychology in sports and self-improvement and self-exploration

Our recent work includes select translations from other languages and cultures,
aiming to further expand our footprint in this widely covered yet always elusive
territory: Learning and Understanding of Oneself. 

A subject as broad as life indeed. 

VEEBOOKS Publishing 
© 2013 by  Vee Bordukov.